Tullug, Mountain Warlord Edit

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This is Tullug before he turned into a Greyskin

 Soft Canon Edit

This character appears in the soft canon Alpachi Death Canyon.

Description Edit

Tullug is a large Orc male, and leader of the Mountain Orc branch of the Great Orc Army. His skin is grey and covered in battle scars as he is a proven warrior. He wields a giant great sword, the blade of which is black, and the hilt is encrusted with an onyx gem. The sword itself is covered in strange runes.

Association with the Orc Mother Edit

Tullug is an orc war general who leads the army in the name of the Orc Mother. From her he draws on his powers, and it is from her that he was given the power of the Warlords Bloodlust. Tullug was a proven warrior and general before the Orc Mother showed herself to him, and because of all that he has achieved, she granted him the title of Commander, and dominion over the mountains.

The Great Battle Edit

During the Great Battle of Ritual Slate, Tullug turned on the Orc Mother and joined forces with God Demetrius, fighting along side him and his forces. Eventually after the battle was fought, Tullug was one of the only creatures left standing, although he was soaked in blood. After realizing that the battle was lost he took his own life. His giant greatsword has not been seen since.