Once a Wood Elf from a small village on the edge of Xanadu, this bard soon became renowned across the realms and joined with the Demiurge. Since their disbanding he has continued his constant meddling and intruded in the business of mortals many times. A constant attention seeker he has never approached things straightforward, always seeking to do things in style or in a way that creates a good story.

Relationships with Other Demiurge Edit

Sky Captain Edit

Bard always got along well with Sky Captain, and the pair would go drinking together regularly during the old days, and even after the disbanding they would meet up once a century to party for a night. Sky Captain often knows when to stop however, an instinct that Bard lacks.

First Hunter Edit

Bard never really got to know First Hunter, as he was nearly always outspoken and social while she preferred a snipers nest at long range. The two of them are on friendly terms, but will rarely have a conversation past a quick greeting.

Chronomancer Edit

Chronomancer hailed from the same village as Bard, and as such the two were long term friends and allies even before the formation of the Demiurge. Chronomancers retreat from reality hurt Bard personally, as the last time he saw Chronomancer his best friend had promised to wait for Bard to join him. By the time Bard made it to Chronomancers tower, he had already left.

Crow Sage Edit

Crow Sage is a difficult person to like at the best of times, but when she see's you as an incompetent fool its nearly impossible. Their relationship is strictly business, and both respect the others skills but not much else

God Hand Edit

God Hand feels the same about everyone, absolutely neutral. On the other hand, Bard has a soft spot for God-Hand and tries to get her to open up and enjoy life more, to which he inevitable fails to get even the slightest smile from her.

Gloamgotzer/Gladiator King Edit

Bard got along well with Gladiator King, providing a pretty face and smooth talking ally to the monstrous bruiser who could take on buildings and win with ease. The two of them both respected and enjoyed the company of one another, and many businesses and projects between the two flourished. Bard on the other hand feels no connection to the newer Gloamgotzer, and see's him as just another foe to defeat to ensure the survival of existence. Even bringing up their past connection can be a bad idea.

Mad Thief Edit

As the personal mentor of the Mad Thief, the two are fast friends. Although Mad Thief may resent Bard a little for his constant mentoring even when it isn't needed, it is no where near enough to sour any part of their comradeship.

Known Powers Edit

  • Perfect and undetectable disguise
  • Perfect Musical Talent in all things
  • Powerful sorcerer capable of great feats of magic
  • Creation of magic items and artifacts of varying powers
  • Limited futuresight
  • Master Escape Arist