Sky Captain was born and raised high above Xanadu, never setting a foot on the ground until he had already been around for more than a century. He is a skilled swordsman and gunslinger without peer, but even that is nothing compared to his skill in ships of all kinds, be they waterborne, airborne or even if it traveled across the astral plane. He is charismatic and outgoing nearly all the time, but can also be crass and rude when bored.

Relationships with other Demiurge Edit

Crow Sage Edit

Crow Sage and Sky Captain were the first of the Demiurge to meet (before they were Demiurge) and married a few decades later. They get along very well, and are still in love with each other after all these countless millennia. Crow Sage however politely ignores her husbands repeated indiscretions with other women due to her foresight letting her know Sky Captains heart only lies with her and such dalliances are physical only.

Wandering Bard Edit

Bard always got along well with Sky Captain, and the pair would go drinking together regularly during the old days, and even after the disbanding they would meet up once a century to party for a night. Sky Captain often knows when to stop however, an instinct that Bard lacks.

Chronomancer Edit

Chronomancer was a man who stayed inside and studied, while Sky Captain gallivanted about outside. It's safe to say they didn't talk much, but they often traded rare materials for ship components

First Hunter Edit

Sky Captain often helped her reach the most remote places on earth quickly, and they chatted often while travelling. Given their shared love of travelling and marksmanship it is no surprise they were some of the best friends in the Demiurge, and shared a bunk a few too many times for it to be because of "heating problems during cold nights"

God Hand Edit

Sky Captain and God Hand had a very one sided relationship, Sky Captain trying to sweet talk her, and God Hand not reacting in any way

Gloamgotzer/Gladiator King Edit

Gladiator King absolutely despised Sky Captain, resenting his success and charisma, hating how Sky Captain was happy and popular while he was alone. Sky Captain meanwhile mostly tired to ignore Gladiator King, hoping to avoid a fight. The two rarely interacted after the formation of Gloamgotzer, but the hatred definitely runs even deeper now.

Mad Thief Edit

Sky Captain met Mad Thief before his ascension, but hasn't met or interacted since.

Known Powers Edit

  • Excellent Swordsmanship and Marksmenship
  • Perfect Piloting
  • Incredibly agile