Born into the slave pits of Xanadu, this massive troll fought his way to the top with ease, and led a revolt to topple the entirety of the slave trade. Soon he was about to begin conquering the rest of Xanadu, but was confronted by the rest of the Demiurge before that could happen and was recruited into the Demiurge. A monster in his armor, and even scarier without it, Gladiator King found himself completely alone, and grew incredibly bitter and angry. His solutions to any problem was violence, with no discrimination between innocents and targets. It began a downward spiral of death and depression that ended up breaking up the Demurring and the formation of Gloamgotzer

Relationships with other Demiurge Edit

Wandering Bard Edit

Bard got along well with Gladiator King, providing a pretty face and smooth talking ally to the monstrous bruiser who could take on buildings and win with ease. The two of them both respected and enjoyed the company of one another, and many businesses and projects between the two flourished. Bard on the other hand feels no connection to the newer Gloamgotzer, and see's him as just another foe to defeat to ensure the survival of existence. Even bringing up their past connection can be a bad idea.

First Hunter Edit

First Hunter and Gladiator King hated each other, both of them thinking the others methods were stupid and inefficient. Beyond that, Gladiator King's lack of understanding of personal boundaries and crippling loneliness meant that he constantly derided her and the other women, expecting them to act as his servants. The constant fighting (both verbal and physical) between these two was what eventually destroyed the group. Fist Hunter often ended up stalking and killing the many servants of Void after Gladiator Kings transformation, making it a death sentence to serve Void during the Age of Cataclysm and Walls.

Chronomancer Edit

Chronomancer often paid Gladiator King enormous amounts of weapons and armor to fetch him items to study, but beyond that had little to no interactions. Chronomancer had already left the universe when Gloamgotzer appeared, and as such has no relations

Sky Captain Edit

Gladiator King absolutely despised Sky Captain, resenting his success and charisma, hating how Sky Captain was happy and popular while he was alone. Sky Captain meanwhile mostly tired to ignore Gladiator King, hoping to avoid a fight. The two rarely interacted after the formation of Gloamgotzer, but the hatred definitely runs even deeper now.

God Hand Edit

Gladiator King and Gloamgotzer both despise God Hand for her "insufferable attitude of apathy", meanwhile God Hand is mostly Apathetic to both of them

Crow Sage Edit

Crow Sage hated Gladiator King right from the beginning, and she could never avoid glimpses of a terrible future that would be his fault. Without proof however she could not stop his eventual transformation. Gladiator King meanwhile hated her for her constant warnings about his future and how he should change his ways. After his transformation to Gloamgotzer, Crow Sage felt vindicated but also sorry for him that she could not save him, but resigned herself to defeating him

Mad Thief Edit

Gladiator King has never met Mad Thief, while Gloamgotzer see's him as another obstacle to his goal of absolute annihilation.

Known Powers (Gladiator King) Edit

  • Nearly Invincible
  • Incredibly Strong
  • Impossibly Fast

Known Powers (Gloamgotzer) Edit

  • Possession of other creatures and spirits to his cause
  • Direct entropy decay to completely destroy matter and energy
  • Distributed across all of the void and nearly invincible