A Hunter and Tracker beyond peer, First Hunter is a perfect and mechanical killer, able to down anything with a single shot. Born and abandoned in the Xanadu Jungle, she fought for her life every single day and mastering all the skills needed to survive on instinct alone.

Relationships with Other Demiurge Edit

Wandering Bard Edit

Bard never really got to know First Hunter, as he was nearly always outspoken and social while she preferred a snipers nest at long range. The two of them are on friendly terms, but will rarely have a conversation past a quick greeting.

Sky Captain Edit

Sky Captain often helped her reach the most remote places on earth quickly, and they chatted often while travelling. Given their shared love of travelling and marksmanship it is no surprise they were some of the best friends in the Demiurge, and shared a bunk a few too many times for it to be because of "heating problems during cold nights"

Crow Sage Edit

Crow Sage was cold to First Hunter in the beginning, but soon warmed up tremendously when it became clear Sky Captain would never leave Crow Sage for her. She ignored the few indiscretions between the two on their long travels together, and in return First Hunter never let it progress past that and never brought it up.

Chronomancer Edit

Chronomancer was constantly aloof and bragged constantly about how his magic made First Hunters methods obsolete. She responded by threatening to put a bolt through his head from across the city, and talked a lot about how no sort of spell would protect him. Banter on the surface, but with a real undertone of competition.

God Hand Edit

God Hand and First Hunter got along relatively well, both of them enjoyed racing and other competitions of skill. They got along really well, but both were loners and didn't talk much.

Gloamgotzer/Gladiator King Edit

First Hunter and Gladiator King hated each other, both of them thinking the others methods were stupid and inefficient. Beyond that, Gladiator King's lack of understanding of personal boundaries and crippling loneliness meant that he constantly derided her and the other women, expecting them to act as his servants. The constant fighting (both verbal and physical) between these two was what eventually destroyed the group. Fist Hunter often ended up stalking and killing the many servants of Void after Gladiator Kings transformation, making it a death sentence to serve Void during the Age of Cataclysm and Walls.

Mad Thief Edit

As the two have never met, they have no relationship of any kind.

Known Powers Edit

  • Abke to down any creature with a single shot
  • Perfect Stealth
  • Able to travel across all terrain faster than a warhorse 24/7