Crow Sage's origins are relatively unknown, she simply appeared one day in the Xanadu Skylines working her subtle magic and foresight to skyrocket to fame and power. Soon after she met Sky Captain, and like two birds of a feather got along perfectly despite their vast differences in behavior and way of life. Most of the time she wears a massive cloak of feathers with each individual feather donated by a different bird and a black silk veil over her eyes. When in formal situations she will often wear far more elaborate robes, but will still keep her veil and a number of feathers on her dress.

Relationships with other Demiurge Edit

Sky Captain Edit

Crow Sage and Sky Captain were the first of the Demiurge to meet (before they were Demiurge) and married a few decades later. They get along very well, and are still in love with each other after all these countless millennia. Crow Sage however politely ignores her husbands repeated indiscretions with other women due to her foresight letting her know Sky Captains heart only lies with her and such dalliances are physical only.

God Hand Edit

Both Crow Sage and God Hand got along decently well, and had friendly chats about their different ways to inner peace and calm acceptance.

Chronomancer Edit

Crow Sage and Chronomancer worked closely together on many projects, ranging from spells, alchemy and prophecies, to grand projects of design making city wide magic circles. Unlike Sky Captain and First Hunter however, they never ended up sleeping together and were very professional.

First Hunter Edit

Crow Sage was cold to First Hunter in the beginning, but soon warmed up tremendously when it became clear Sky Captain would never leave Crow Sage for her. She ignored the few indiscretions between the two on their long travels together, and in return First Hunter never let it progress past that and never brought it up.

Wandering Bard Edit

Crow Sage is a difficult person to like at the best of times, but when she see's you as an incompetent fool its nearly impossible. Their relationship is strictly business, and both respect the others skills but not much else

Gloamgotzer/Gladiator King Edit

Crow Sage hated Gladiator King right from the beginning, and she could never avoid glimpses of a terrible future that would be his fault. Without proof however she could not stop his eventual transformation. Gladiator King meanwhile hated her for her constant warnings about his future and how he should change his ways. After his transformation to Gloamgotzer, Crow Sage felt vindicated but also sorry for him that she could not save him, but resigned herself to defeating him

Mad Thief Edit

Crow Sage has not met Mad Thief (aside from once quickly before his ascension) but views him a puppet of Bard and not a true Demiurge

Known Powers Edit

  • Incredible Foresight
  • Vast Knowledge on all subjects
  • Remote Viewing