The Chronomancer is considered to be the most powerful sorcerer to ever have lived, and worked his magic to influence even time itself. He worked on his mastery for many long millennia, but at a terrible cost. Time itself is a harsh mistress and his very body began to crumble away to dust as he aged thousands of years each day. Even as a Demiurge he was cursed to die. He eventually left this universe behind entirely to escape this curse, leaving his best friend behind.

Relationships with other Demiurge Edit

Wandering Bard Edit

Chronomancer hailed from the same village as Bard, and as such the two were long term friends and allies even before the formation of the Demiurge. Chronomancers retreat from reality hurt Bard personally, as the last time he saw Chronomancer his best friend had promised to wait for Bard to join him. By the time Bard made it to Chronomancers tower, he had already left.

First Hunter Edit

Chronomancer was constantly aloof and bragged constantly about how his magic made First Hunters methods obsolete. She responded by threatening to put a bolt through his head from across the city, and talked a lot about how no sort of spell would protect him. Banter on the surface, but with a real undertone of competition.

Sky Captain Edit

Chronomancer was a man who stayed inside and studied, while Sky Captain gallivanted about outside. It's safe to say they didn't talk much, but they often traded rare materials for ship components

Crow Sage Edit

Crow Sage and Chronomancer worked closely together on many projects, ranging from spells, alchemy and prophecies, to grand projects of design making city wide magic circles. Unlike Sky Captain and First Hunter however, they never ended up sleeping together and were very professional.

God Hand Edit

Chronomancer and God Hand rarely talked, as both saw the others world view as silly. Chronomancer sees the world as a puzzle to solve, while God Hand sees the world as a wonder to appreciate.

Gloamgotzer/Gladiator King Edit

Chronomancer often paid Gladiator King enormous amounts of weapons and armor to fetch him items to study, but beyond that had little to no interactions. Chronomancer had already left the universe when Gloamgotzer appeared, and as such has no relations

Mad Thief Edit

Once again Chronomancer had left before his induction,

Known Powers Edit

  • Control over Time
  • Enormous magical powers
  • Vast intellect