Orc Mother Edit

Orc shaman by firstnull-d5bz2kk

Soft Canon Edit

This character appears in the soft canon Alpachi Death Canyon.

Description Edit

An elderly female Orc with large white tusks. Her hair is in a white pony tail and it reaches to down to her lower back. She is larger than the average female Orc and is also clearly much smarter. Around her neck she wears a totem.

History Edit

The true name of the Orc Mother has been lost to time. She is assumed to be one of the original 9 adventurers who journeyed to the Alpachi Tundra after the great melting.

It is thought that the Orc Mother was originally an Elf Cleric who was consumed and transformed after spending to much time in the ancient forests, eventually being turned into an Orc. Most details about the Orc Mother are almost all hear say, as no one knows for sure how she became a deity in the Alpachi Death Canyon, or how she has so much power.

The Three Masters Edit

When the Orc Mother first began her rise to become a deity, she came across three lost souls who journeyed further than anyone had alone. A man who wanted to protect those he loved but had no power to do so, a man who had so much love to give but no place to call home, and a woman who only seeked companionship, but had no one at her side. The Orc Mother gave them a path to follow, and they went their separate ways. No one knows what happened to the the three masters. Although it has been reported that the first master died in combat at the battle of Ritual Slate, fighting against God Demetrius