Areas Edit

This is for large areas and locations which stretch over a large area

Location Brief Description
Wild Sea This large sea is located in the meeting point between East and West, many leagues south of Fortunes Landing. It is notable for being the location of Xanadu in the Age of Ancients, the Wild Sea war during the Age of Walls, as well as the resting place of a leviathan far below the sea

Cities/Towns Edit

Location Brief Description
Fortunes Landing A small and sleepy town near the center of the mortal realm, known for its crowd of adventurers that gather there for expeditions to the West. It was also the home of the Lightbringer Manor, and Mordreds War of Acension
Free Haven A pirate town in the wild sea, with no laws or codes of conduct. You can buy everything and anything here, but if you don;t look tough and can;t hold your own, you'll be robbed and sold to slavers
Port Chastise The center of the Chastise Family and birthplace of the Iron Guard. This massive island is heavily fortified and patrolled by guards 24/7. Not a single crime happens here, especially since the Iron Guard were set up

Buildings Edit

This is for a specific building or fortress

Building Brief Description
Lightbringer Manor The Manor built by Mordred during his great crusade just on the edge of Fortunes Landing, and later burned down nearly a thousand years later just before his War of Acension
The Rock A high mountain in the West, hollowed out and built into a fortress by Paladins of Alos