This is a broad strokes re-telling of each of the 7 ages, there are specific and more detailed descriptions on their respective pages.

Age of Creation

It was in this very first age that all of todays world was created, when Celestine and Acheil first sacrificed themselves to create all that was, is and shall be.

Age of Outsiders

While the inner planes were first developing, the inhabitants of the Outer Realms were already masters of their realm. In this time they were said to have completed many thousands of Ages, and become the strange and terrible creatures that can break a mans mind with a small glance at their impossible and twisted forms.

Age of Dragons

The first true sapient beings in the inner planes were the great and mighty dragons, birthed by the Clutch Mother herself. This Age was characterised by the constant wars between Chromatic and Metallic dragons, as well as their bred underlings such as Kobolds, Dragonborn, Wyverns and Half Dragons.

Age of Ancients

This age first came about after the last and greatest Draconic War, and the subsequent loss of both Naki and Arel. With dragons becoming much rarer, and younger races that overthrew them prospered. First Elves and Dwarves ruled the world, but later emerging were Orcs, Gnomes and even a small number of Teiflings. It is here the very first civilizations clashed with wild magic at its strongest. Monsters and terrible beasts were common, but so were great hero’s who fought them. It was during this age that the 7 Demiurge first emerged, the greatest mortal champions of the world who ascended to become the most powerful spirits that ever have been. Each is stronger than an Angel of the Valka or Pit Lord of the Byzou. It is said that many still remain in the world, watching quietly and meddling in affiars.

Age of Cataclysm

Just as civilization and order began to look like it was established and stable, a great upheaval in the Astral Plane sent shockwaves throughout the magical field of the universe. Long sleeping leviathans and evils were awoken, great libraries of magical knowledge were lost in storms of magic, but worst of all the 4 great Elemental Gates were de-stabilized and the 4 Elemental Planes they held in check flowed forth into the material. This Age is one of the shortest, but was characterized by many thousands of disasters.

Age of Walls

After the Astral Plane calmed itself, Nimrielye herself stepped forth and raised the great divide between East and West, creating the modern world we know today. Characterised by weaker and calmer magic, as well as a great re-birth of civilization and order, many feel this is the safest age to live in by far. Old magic still holds sway however, if it was bound to an artifact or spellbook the powerful and wild magic can still be brought forth. 

Age of Apocalypse

The 7th and final age, which began with the re-discovery of Rune Magic, and the subsequent draining of the astral plane that followed. Soon the end of everything was heralded by the coming of the Void, a cosmic entity beyond anything ever seen before. The Void seeks nothing but the end to everything and sent the heavens falling to earth, nearly destroying all life in one fell blow. The last bastion of existence in this dark age is the massive kingdom sized city of Fortunes Landing (II), formerly the palace of the gods before it fell to earth.