Quite simply put, this is for the powerful lords above everything else. These are the most powerful entities in the cosmos, but are governed and restricted by many laws and bargains that prevent direct action most of the time.

God Domains Alignment Description
Nimrielye Civilization, Agriculture Lawful Good the All-Mother and Goddess that first uplifted the

savages of the world into civilization, she is married to Alos and to keep him happy allows many wandering tribes of barbarians to roam the world

Alos Storms, Savagery Chaotic Good the All-Father and God that both loves and opposes Nimrielye, he believes that the mortal races should grow strong through their

primitiveness, but loves his wife far too much to directly oppose her 

Samua Plants, Healing Neutral Good Son to the All-Mother and All-Father, as well as suitor to Kasdum, he rarely leaves the gardens of his friend Ithren
Ebriartas Strength, Righteous Warfare Lawful Good A young and headstrong god in most issues, but she always carefully considers how best to lend her strength to the forces of light. Daughter of the All-Mother and eternal suitor to Hielik
Kasdum Water, Tides Chaotic Good Liable to wild mood swings and changes of heart like her kingdom, she holds a single permenant soft spot for her suitor Samua. suitor Daughter of Selik and Jundall
Hielik Wealth, Trade Neutral Good A busy trader and negotiator, who often now deals with negotiation between various gods and other cosmic beings to ensure both parties end up happy. Often on the reciving end of Samua's affection for reasons beyond her, and daughter of Selik and Jundall
Selik Dreams, Fate, Bright Prophecy Neutral Good She provides prophecy of great things an monumental

occasions. Forbids her son and daughter to marry based upon an ancient prophecy known only to her, wife to Jundall, mother of Hielik and Kasdum

Jundall Merrymaking, Fun Chaotic Good husband to Selik, father of Hielik and Kasdum, is always

trying to trick his wife into allowing their offspring to marry but is always thwarted by her knowledge of the future

Celestine Stars, Planets, Sky, Beginnings Unknown The first Goddess ever to exist who scattered herself amongst the universe in order to give it energy and matter, creating everything. Used to be married to Achiel, and now honoured for her sacrifice if not worshipped as she is dead
Achiel Life, Creation, Beginnings Unknown The first God to ever exist who cut open his jugular after his wife’s sacrifice to spread life to the universe she had created. Used to be married to Celestine, and now honoured for his sacrifice if not worshipped as he is dead
Gata Smithing Lawful Neutral said to have a beard made of solid gold and is a supporter

of industry and technology, not magic or nature. This often puts him in direct opposition with Ithren. Rumoured to have a secret crush on Ithren despite their vast differences and rivalry. Brining this up to any member of either faith will cause denial on all counts, those texts have been banned heretical

Ithren Nature Neutral Good a beauty so fine and natural it is said even the Gloamgotzer would acknowledge it, if the Gloamgotzer had a sense of beauty and aesthetics. Cast out the Dark Elves after she saw their descent into sadism and

cruelty. She is often depicted riding a stag and revitalizing nature wherever she goes, and is direct opposition to Gata with her support of nature and magic. Also rumored to have a crush on Gata according to some heretical texts. 

Aphiel Draconics Neutral Lady of Dragons, called the Clutch-Mother by all draconic races. Distances herself from her offspring as all lizards do, but will still send them dreams and empower the clerics who serve her.
Tik-Tok Mechnaisms, Clockwork Lawful Neutral Views the world as a series of mechanisms and machines, nothing more. Is said to have built clockwork animals in the past for great engineers. He is currently present but is less interested in the mortal realm these days.
Ludd Orcoids, Goblinoids Chaotic Evil A brutal and unforgiving god only concerned with keeping his sons and daughters strong through savagery and brutality.
Elel Passage to the Afterlife Neutral The god responsible for the crossing of souls from the

mortal coil to the afterlife, it is common tradition for most cultures to place an object of value, even if it is almost insignificant value in order to pay for the deceased crossing

Jhazar Judgement, Balance Neutral The second half of the deceased’s trip to the afterlife

where they are judged for the good and evil in their lives before being sentenced to an afterlife of an appropriate level. What level of Byzou or Valka ones soul ends up in is her decision and is based upon your acts in life

Shar Death, Pain Lawful Evil A voluptuous beauty that only accepts causing of death as

true worship, the more beautiful the death or bringer of death the better. Also the adopted parent of the cast out Dark Elves, although she treats them as little more than a tool. Despises Nythgr and is married to Mordred

Mordred Murder Lawful Evil A recent addition to the dark pantheon, he is head over heels in love with his family (his wife Shar, daughter Melissa and granddaughter Sybil) and incredibly protective. He is the only mortal to ascend to godhood via the War of Ascension.
Nythger Plague, Decay Neutral Evil A fat rotting pile of meat desperate to gain the love

of Shar through his plagues, doomed to never receive it due to how ugly he and how he kills is. Sometimes invoked as a famine god as a stick thin dying man.

Olon Destruction, Fire Chaotic Evil A mighty whirlwind of fire and hate that never stops

wanting to kill and destroy. Worshippers of him never last long as he finds it easier to destroy them than help them to destroy other things. Hates all other Gods and is hated by all other Gods.

Irah Darkness, Malevolent Trickery Neutral Evil Not really male or female, but a cloud of shadow somewhere between the two. Enjoys tricking people into their own downfall including his/her/its own servants. Also has a close friendship with Cassur.
Cassur Spiders, Dark Prophecy Chaotic Evil often called the Weaver or Spinner for her convoluted ways. She represents dark occult prophecies and foretells only doom, and is close friends with Irah.


These powerful ascended mortals are great powerful beings, and are not bound to any laws or codes preventing their actions

Name Description
Wandering Bard A Bard whose travels never end, and whose magical music can sing the laws of reality to sleep, or bend them to his will, letting him perform amazing acts
First Hunter The first ranger and hunter of wild monsters, said to be able to track anything and down any monster
Chronomancer A powerful elven sorcerer, said to have fully mastered the whims of time itself. This came at a cost however, and to escape his creeping doom he left all of reality through a powerful spell
Sky Captain A charismatic and handsome man known for his gun slinging ability, but more for his mastery of all ships, be they waterborne, airborne or travel through the astral plane
Crow Sage A beautiful woman who wears a long thick cloak made of many thousands of different feathers, each donated by a different species of bird. She is known as a seer without match, seeing the future with amazing clarity and reach
God Hand A women whose mastery of the inner self is beyond match, and can control her body and mind to perfection, said to be able to end any fight with a single blow
Gloamgotzer/Gladiator King Formerly a slave born to a life of violence, he grew bitter and twisted, disgusted with everything all around him as he killed his way to the top. Later he was absorbed by the Void and has become one with it, aiming to end all existence
Mad Thief Newly inducted to replace Gloamgotzer and Chronomancer, this small thief is said to be able to steal anything anywhere, even able to snatch souls without the owner noticing

Demons and Devils

Powerful lords and ladies of the pit, kings and queens of the dark abyss

Name Domain Description
Kielik The Malign Abyss Considered to be the most powerful Pit-Lord, and worshiped as a god in many places
Bosergiest Fields of Torment A powerful Arch-Fiend who pretends to be a god of brotherhood and strength to trick mortals into his service

Celestial Powers

Be they angels, godly servants or any other spirit created to serve the light

Far Outsiders

These strange creatures live beyond all comprehension in the Outer Planes, and are worshipped as gods in some places