God Hand was adopted by a large monastery in Xanadu where she was raised and taught about the path to inner peace. By 10 she had achieved a state of enlightenment far beyond any in the monastery, and was guiding millennia old elders. On every subject it is a safe bet she has no opnion, and her only emotion in life (a small feeling of wonder) comes from sights of natural beauty in the world around her.

Relationships with other Demiurge Edit

Wandering Bard Edit

God Hand feels the same about everyone, absolutely neutral. On the other hand, Bard has a soft spot for God-Hand and tries to get her to open up and enjoy life more, to which he inevitable fails to get even the slightest smile from her.

First Hunter Edit

God Hand and First Hunter got along relatively well, both of them enjoyed racing and other competitions of skill. They got along really well, but both were loners and didn't talk much.

Chronomancer Edit

Chronomancer and God Hand rarely talked, as both saw the others world view as silly. Chronomancer sees the world as a puzzle to solve, while God Hand sees the world as a wonder to appreciate.

Sky Captain Edit

Sky Captain and God Hand had a very one sided relationship, Sky Captain trying to sweet talk her, and God Hand not reacting in any way

Crow Sage Edit

Both Crow Sage and God Hand got along decently well, and had friendly chats about their different ways to inner peace and calm acceptance.

Gloamgotzer/Gladiator King Edit

Gladiator King and Gloamgotzer both despise God Hand for her "insufferable attitude of apathy", meanwhile God Hand is mostly Apathetic to both of them

Mad Thief Edit

The two have not met, but if we are being honest she'd probably be neutral on the subject.

Known Powers Edit

  • Total control over her entire body,
  • Expert Martial Artist
  • Immunity to all mind affecting magic