Dugull, Forest Warlord Edit

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Soft Canon Edit

This character appears in the soft canon Alpachi Death Canyon.

Description Edit

Dugull is a large Orc male, and leader of the Forest Orc branch of the Great Orc Army. His skin is green and covered in battle scars as he is a proven warrior. He wears gloves that are covered in strange runes. His cloths appear to be a formal Orc battle suit.

Association with the Orc Mother Edit

Dugull is a monk who worships the Orc Mother. From her he draws on his powers, and it is from her that he was given the power of the Fervor of Battle. While Dugull worshiped the Orc Mother she granted him dominion of the forest, and he ruled there with his Orc army under her supervision.

The Great Battle Edit

During the Great Battle of Ritual Slate, Dugull turned on the Orc Mother and joined forces with God Demetrius, fighting along side him and his forces. Eventually after the battle was fought, Dugull's dead body was found in the heap of carnage, with his gloves missing.