Long ago during the Age of Ancients, 7 great champions emerged and claimed their place as Demiurge, incredibly powerful beings not bound by any laws except those they agree to follow. They are composed of:

History Edit

Age of Ancients Edit

The story begins back during the beginning of the Age of Ancients, when they each gathered together in the great city of Xanadu. They rose to fame like a rocket to the stars, and rapidly carved out a section of the city for themselves, but even still they came together once a year to strike out on their own to gather power and perform great deeds. Never before had such a powerful group existed, and never again shall one. After a dozen millennia or so of conquests and progress, they amassed enough artifacts to complete their transformation. They abandoned their mortal forms and became the Demiurge. It was to be a renewal in their golden age, but after the now called Last-Gathering (which was then called the First-Gathering) the group fell apart due to internal conflict. Paticularly responsible were Chronomancer for his disappearance, and Gladiator King for his increasingly bloody methods and constant aggressive flirting with and grabbing female members despite them turning him down and asking him to stop constantly.

Without her friend Chronomancer to balance her humors, Fist Hunter soon lost her temper and shot Gladiator King and badly wounded him, starting a feud between the two in which all the others had to 'choose sides'. Most refused to get involved beyond words and arguments, but even still friendships were strained past the breaking point. Eventually Gladiator King and First Hunter had a showdown, in which both were nearly killed. First Hunter retreated to the wilderness never to be seen again, while Gladiator King in his dazed and maddened state of mind stumbled his way to his personal manse overlooking the Sea of Despair at the lowest point in the Byzou. Here he finally gave up, after a life alone with nothing but bloodshed for company, he wished for and end to everything. The Void answered his call, dragged him down into the Sea of Despair, and integrated with him so completely no part of them was separate and never could be again.He took the name of the monster that dominated his nightmares as a child, and the void was pleased.

Age of Cataclysm Edit

By the time the Age of Cataclysm happened, each of the Demiurge had separated and traveled to different corners of the world (Except Crow Sage and Sky Captain who were travelling together and had married by then, and Gloamgotzer who had vanished completely). All of them however frequently abused various magic rituals and spells that drew on the astral and elemental planes, and along with many others. When the elemental planes collapsed and the Age of Cataclysm truly began properly, the Demiurge re-convened once more to agree on certain rules of behavior to prevent such a problem again.

Age of Walls Edit

During the Age of Walls, there are only three confirmed instances of direct intervention by any Demiurge. First was during Mordred's Great Crusade of Light, where Sky Captain and Crow Sage personally visited Mordred and stayed with him for a few years as advisers. They both left after a heated argument when Crow Sage delivered Mordred with a warning of his later conversion to darkness. Mordred didn't believe a word of it and accused them of dirtying his honor.

The second event was a good few millennia later, and takes place in the few weeks before Mordreds War of Ascension. First was Wandering Bard influencing a number of adventurers to eliminate several key targets in Mordreds army, as well as influence a number of other events to minimize the long term death toll of the Ascension War. The second was a return visit by Crow Sage and Sky Captain to meet Mordred again, to reflect on old times and see if they could sway him from his path.

Lastly was during the Wild Sea War when Wandering Bard once again broke the rules to fiddle with fate once more, and tried to set a number of adventurers up to defeat Sybil Lightbringer. Unfortunately for him, he did not foresee the possibility Sybil would be willing to give away vast amounts of her personal wealth as a bribe, and the mass invasion to stop her failed completely and she was allowed to end nearly all life in the Wild Sea and ascend to the heavens. In a last ditch effort to get some value for his effort, he recruited a very promising young halfling, hoping to start re-building the Demiurge, starting with the Mad Thief

Age of Apocalypse Edit

Currently the only known locations of the Demiurge in the Age of Apocalypse is the Wandering Bard and Mad Thief who have taken up roles as the Conductor and Maestro respectively and are running Fortunes Landing (II).