Character Short Description
Sybil Lightbringer Daughter of Melissa, Granddaughter of Mordred, Vampire Countess, Warlock and absolute sadist who enjoys nothing more than playing with her "pets"
Father Gascone A former priest gone mad due to his latent werewolf blood, whose mad slaughter and disregard for all rules and order led him and his pack across the world for many centuries
Melissa Lightbringer Adopted daughter of Mordred and undisputed master of ritual magic and demon pacts. She created her daughter Sybil through an unknown ritual that consumed her soul after death
Day, Twilight and Night A young, middle aged and old wood elf ranger respectively, whose minds and linked through a spiritual bond. A hive mind spread across 3 bodies, they are incredibly quick, intelligent and ruthless, utterly determined to wipe out evil that threatens nature
Captain Carver A former drunkard dwarf in the pirate haven of Free Haven, who sold his immortal soul and freedom to Sybil for a ship, a crew and the skills to be an amazing captain. His failure cost him however, and he tortured, killed, and revived as her slave ship pilot forevermore
Valarie Stormcaller A massive 9ft tall warrior and daughter of a Storm Giant. With her Stormcaller Spear and natural bloodline she makes an impressive figure and a better warrior. Valarie was also a member of Pirate King Malice's crew, and used her powers to steer the ship
Blind Bob An old man, blind in both eyes and barely able to move properly. His lack of eyesight does not hinder him however, due to his hearing a smell being a thousand times better. He also has completely lost his mind and makes no sense what so ever. A member of Malices crew
Norn The smartest Orc to ever live, whose mastery of all subjects ranging from magic to mechanisms meant he was exiled from his brethren. Wearing two monocles and white robes, he was never seen without a book. A member of Malices Crew
Jerry A guy who was swept away on many adventures during the Wild Sea War by strangers, he hit on a Icel and was never quite sure what was happening. His main job however was to hold the torch. Many other adventurers have their own Jerry, but he is the first.
Icel A Drow Priestess in training, whose sister conspired to kill her and nearly succeeded if it wasn't for a group of strangers travelling randomly across time and space. She thought Jerry was silly and understood what was happening better than him, but not by much
Barrel A drunk old man who was caught up in the Wild Sea War, who earlier in life had unknowingly raised Sybil Lightbringer after she was born via ritual and given to the orphanage he ran.
Lovata Chastise A hardened military strategist, who's mastery of tactics and strategy took over her entire mind and left nothing else for subtlety, conversation, love or emotion. In her relentless pursuit of justice and perfect troops, she created (and melded minds with) the Iron Guard
Elanor and Cedric Twin Drow servants, spies and assassins, favored servants of the Lightbringer family and the example all drow hope to live up to one day. They wore twin magic masks (Masks of Infamy) when on the surface to disguise their true nature. Rumored to be romantically involved with each other.
Titan The largest Warforged ever made, 10ft tall regularly and 35ft tall in armor. He was killed during the Ascension War, and his body was butchered by Lovata Chastise to create her Iron Guard
Tamulf A great Red Dragon who escaped death by Mordreds hands by transferring his mind to the body of a local blue dragon. From there he went on to absorb the powers of all other Chromatic Dragons via a similar process and become the king of all Chromatic Drakes
Hextia A hedge witch from Fortunes Landing, who later went on to found The Coven of the Cracked Mirror, one of the most powerful Covens on the mortal plane, and one of the most responsible and moral
Achiel A Dragonborn woman and dark mage who's experimentation in the realm of necromancy and golemancy created the niche creations called Achiel Constructs, bastardized combinations of Constructs, Undead and Warforged, which is stronger than all of them but very expensive