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The Alpachi Death Canyon was an adventure DM'd by Qadam, and was mainly focused on trying out homebrew races, classes, and items. It also served as a time off between campaigns so that other people could develop their worlds more.

Background Edit

History Edit

The story goes that an ancient mage of untold power tried to bind a Trickster God into the mortal plain, simply to test his power and aptitude with magic. When the Trickster appeared he broke the binding and said “Instead of binding a God, why not show the Gods what you can do?” The ancient mage found himself not being able to produce sound when he talked. The Trickster said “I have taken away your ability to speak; now how will you cast spells? If you can show me your 3 most powerful spells, I’ll free you.” The Trickster then produced 3 pieces of parchment, flourished with gold and silver, white as snow. The ancient mage proceeded to write down in full some of the most powerful spells he knows. True Polymorph, Power Word Kill, and Imprisonment. The Trickster freed the ancient mage and said “But what will you do now? Three of your greatest spells, bound in your world on parchment that cannot be destroyed.” Realizing that he’s been tricked in creating spell scrolls of arguably the three most powerful spells, the ancient mage locked each scroll away in an area far to the west, corrupted by magic. He sealed one scroll atop the highest mountain, one scroll down the biggest hole, and one scroll in the hottest desert. Then he cast a spell of such immense power that it froze the entire area, turning it into tundra, ice so thick that it would take ages to melt.

When it did melt an expedition was mounted, 9 adventurers of various races were sent to explore and gather resources. What they found was a horrible landscape of ghastly monsters that roamed the land. Fortunately for them the person who mounted the expedition was able to craft each of them an item of legendary power. The group of 9 adventurers discovered an ancient temple in their travels, filled with carvings of dragons and draconic text. The evil around the temple warped and corrupted their thoughts, two of the adventurers could not resist the call of the dragons and remained behind. A Dragonborn and a Human remained. The other 7 had left and the two that remained have been lost to history as well. The 7 never returned to find out the fate of their brethren, although the darkness that looms over the temple has grown stronger with time, and draconic cries echo through the valleys that surround the temple. While almost all the adventurers where wiped out after months of travel, some of them became a part of the land. Most notably the Elf turned Orc and the High Elf turned Drow.

At the furthest point in the North West is a magnificent mountain range that leads straight down into a monumental crevasse, said to hold the largest mountain and largest crevice in all the land. Although those who travel to this area wouldn't exactly use the words magnificent and monumental, more like towering and unknown. In this region of the world this mountain range and crevice are told to hold some of the oldest and strongest magic. This region is uninhabited and unclaimed by any kingdom or peoples, as it is far too dangerous to travel here. There are no cities or towns, no trading posts or guilds, anyone foolish enough to come and explore or conquer has been slain by the creatures here that have been twisted and torn because of all the time they spend living next to such raw untapped magical energy. This area was once called the Alpachi Tundra, but thanks to time and magic it has changed into what it is now. Scholars refer to it as the Alpachi Kamatayon, although commoners prefer the name Alpachi Death Canyon.

Locations Edit

Orc Encampments Edit

Ranging from a small camp with hide tents to a large enclosed space, there are three Orc encampments in the Death Canyon. They are usually filled with the same things, sleeping quarters, training ground, worship sanctuary, and an area where creatures are put on pikes for later eating. The largest Orc encampment is on the mountains, with large metallic gates and fences, four watch towers each equipped with a cannon, and several hundred Orcs walking around.

Adventurers house Edit

A three story building made of wood, crafted by the finest building party Lovata Chastise can afford. The third floor is the sleeping quarters, the second floor is large enough to hold years of supplies, the first floor is the living area, which holds a kitchen and various research stations. In the corner of the first room is a small stone that is attached to a stone plate,engraved in the stone is some writing. The stone is very obviously a teleport stone which is used to send item back and forth. There is a balcony which overlooks the Death Canyon.

Kobold Sanctuary Edit

Various Kobold sanctuaries are upheld in the Death Canyon, but their structure is generally the same. A large cathedral like building usually built into a face of a mountain. The stone is clean cut and smooth, appearing to be marble. The walls are covered with draconic runes and the halls are littered with dragon statues.

Sun Castle Edit

A large arched structure, surrounded by a wall almost 40ft tall. The grounds of the castle are overgrown and covered in moss and weeds. Inside the castle are large tables stretching from one end of the room to the other, various armors and weapons mounted on the walls, as well as mounted animal heads of the immense amount of creatures found in the Death Canyon. The throne room has a windowless back wall, allowing the sun to pierce through during the day. The floors of the throne room are littered with skeletons. On the throne sits a skeleton in golden armor, a crown on his head with a yellow gem.

The Crevice Edit

A large gash in the landscape that cuts through almost all of the Alpachi Death Canyon. The entire area surrounding the crevice is filled with a ominous loom. Almost no one has journeyed down the crevice and survived. There are no records of what lurks deep beneath the crevices core.

Factions Edit

Orcs Edit

Not your average everyday Orcs found throughout the land, the Orcs which inhabit the Alpachi Death Canyon are that of an organized army. Instead of being raiders and scavengers like normal Orcs, the Orcs in the Alpachi Death Canyon have formed an alliance of factions. First there are the the Orcs of the Forest, whom are green in hue. Their forces are led by Dugull, a Monk who follows the Orc Mother. Dugull holds One of the 9 Ancients, the Fervor of Battle. Next are the Orcs of the Burning Desert, whom are red in hue. Their forces are led by Furug, a Warlock who worships the Orc Mother. Furug holds one of the 9 Ancients, the Deathfires Touch. Lastly are the Orcs of the Mountain, whom are grey in hue. Their forces are led by Tullug, a warrior who is the general of the Orc Mothers army. Tullug holds one of the 9 Ancients, the Warlords Bloodlust.

Kobolds and Dragons Edit

The Alpachi Death Canyon is home to an empire of Blue Kobolds which take up the majority of the creatures who inhabit the Death Canyon. They keep to themselves and worship any Blue Dragons in the area by bringing them gems. While almost all the Kobolds do this, there are some who have been twisted and turned enough, and are trying to create human-dragon hybrids, although almost all attempts were unsuccessful, rumors are they managed to create one.

The Sun Kingdom Edit

The Sun people were proud and noble, the praised the sun in all her glory. They worship the sun by praising the sun. They had dominion over everything the sun touched in their land and ruled over it with respect. An ancient civilization that has gone extinct due to the freezing of the Alpachi Tundra. The original ruler of the sun kingdom was lost to time. Although the body of a skeleton, crowned in gold still sits atop the throne in the great castle.

The Wolfmen Edit

Walking almost exclusively on all fours the largest one ever recorded was around 8 feet tall and weighed at around 280 pounds, with rough estimations we believe that the average height is between 6-8 feet and the average weight is 210-280 pounds. They have large sharp claws on their forefeet and large muscular hindfeet, the head resembles a mixture of a dire wolf, a saber tooth, and a human head, and they are covered in a cloak of snow white fur. From what was witnessed they don't wear armour or use weapons. They are also expert hunters. The wolfmen are a nomadic tribe, staying in packs of 6-15 wolfmen. The most dominant leading a head. The pack does not separate every often but when a member is lost his position is replaced by another wolfman. They have no concept of marriage, and during breeding season they breed with any wolfmen that are available. When it is time for a wolfman to be considered a hunter in his clan, he leaves and must bring back one of every creature in the Alpachi Tundra, the elders of the clan then bite down on the back to create scars. The wolfmen worship Celestine, who created the moon, through various rituals and ceremonial dances. They kill all those who enter territory or chase them out of it. They live to be around 120 years old.